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As digital experts for the last several years, we have helped more than 15 organizations in their online growth strategy from conception to execution with a special focus on small business and engagement growth. Prior to working in digital communications, Lighthouse Digital owner Kate Zickel worked as the producer of multiple successful radio shows, managing news teams of up to 30 people.


Let us help you build your brand online! Need a website? We’ll build it! Want to strengthen your social media game? We do that too! These days, online marketing and digital branding is no longer optional for businesses looking to grow. Lighthouse Digital Results has the tools you need to build your brand and become the best you can be online. Whether you need a quick update to your website or a full time social media manager, we can mix and match our services to meet your individual needs. Learn more about our unique services here.

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"Kate is reliable, fearless, gregarious. She doesn't let outside factors dampen her spirits or her view of the world. She's a dedicated professional and doesn't get sidetracked but stays focused on whatever task at hand and is always looking for ways to improve as a professional and as a person. She's a go-getter and a planner, never wasting a moment's time but living life to the hilt. She's a joy to work with and I'm at thankful to count her among those I respect and admire. " 

"Kate has been a wonderful addition to our company. She initially came on board as an associate producer for a single project. Her work was so exceptional that we kept her on for several additional projects and continue to use her as an independent contract producer. She has become a true production partner in our parent company Hapax Creative." 


"Creativity takes courage."

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Thanks for connecting with us! We love interacting with like-minded individuals and businesses working to make a difference. Call or write us here if you’re in need of marketing expertise or would simply like to chat.


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